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By : Yakimir Talib

SHAH ALAM – Selangor maintained their position in Super League with a 4 -1 win over Police Force last Saturday in Shah Alam Stadium. National striker Safee Sali was the man of the match with his two goals, which helped Selangor to stay among top position in this season. Police Force was leading the match in the seventh minute by a goal from their imported striker, Hillary Echesa.

The Red Giants doubled up their attacks, responding to the goal and Safee scored his first goal through a throw in from P.Gunalan, equalilizing the game in the 14 minutes.

The defence of the Police Force was on many target from the Red Giants squad, which saw many killer attacks made against them. The goal scorer for Police Force, Echesa was forced out of the game in 26 minutes due to the injury, which added misery to the team. Making the most opportunity without Echesa, Selangor gained their second goal from a corner by Indra Putra Mahayuddin. However, P.Gunalan from Selangor was shown a yellow card for his offence against the opposing.

Safee continued his winning performance with his second goal in eight minutes before half-time by a passing from the left. Ex-national striker, Akmal Rizal Ahmad Rakhil completed the winning spree at the end of the game which results in Selangor 4-1 win over Police Force.


attracts thousands local fans

By : Tengku Elena & Azreen Hani Abu Bakar

Subang Jaya – Thousands of local fans gathered on Sunday at the Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 surf, skate and musical extravaganza to witness their elite surfers and skateboarders perform at the world’s largest man-made wave pool and a specially imported ‘half-pipe’ vert ramp at Sunway Lagoon theme park, in Subang Jaya.

Professional surfer Josh Kerr from Australia, landed a dozen massive aerials as he championed the visiting all-star cast who performed the tricks in front of nearly 40,000 spectators. Though Kerr’s technical wizardry was lost on many of the spectators, most who had never before
witnessed surfing first-hand, every attempt was greeted with cheers as people of all ages and nationalities surged forward in the Sunway Pool to get a closer look, or watched from surrounding vantage points, including directly above from the 428m suspension bridge, the world’s longest, that spans the park.

Surfing Champion Ry Craike also from Australia, was one of the big crowd favorite, as he rocketed and looped his way through the skies in front of the Sunway Lagoon volcano.

Australian Troy Brooks was the only surfer to land his ‘Superman’ style airs, a move borrowed from the moto-x riders who grab on to the seat of their bike during huge jumps.

Indonesian Wayan “Betet” Merta and Peurto Rico’s Dylan Graves also flew high from the artificial waves, assisted by the speed of a jet-ski which was used to whip all the surfers, water-ski style, on their boards across the chlorinated water and into the breaking waves.

“The wave is the same every time so I just tried to workout where the best take-off spot was and go as high and as far through the air as I could, the crowd loved it!” explained Kerr.

UM Organises 8th Explorace at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

By : Suraya Roslan

SHAH ALAM – The 8thplorace Inter-Varsity Edition University of Malaya was held at Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, here today. It was participated from various universities in Malaysia. It is organized by the committee’s of Academic Development and Intellectual of Kolej Kediaman Kinabalu, Universiti Malaya.

The project manager, Syarifah Nurul Farhana Syed Mohd said, “ the purpose of this event is to challenge their mental and physical strength as well as the student profession.

“With regards to promote Bukit Cerakah as sightseeing place, we hope this kind of event will give them the opportunity to know what the interesting place in Malaysia.”
UiTM contestant, Farezan Kamaruzaman said, “this event give us best medium for the youth to cooperate and to get along with other in the competition. We are much enjoyed and hope this event will be going on next time.” She said.

The first team that manage to complete the race is Universiti Tun Hussien Onn (UTHM), the team that reached at all the checkpoint given with the flying colours which is 30 marks.

However, all 50 groups which took part have also given their best performances.

Berbasikal di hujung minggu

Oleh : Anis Mohamed

SHAH ALAM – Bagi warga Shah Alam yang ingin menikmati hujung minggu yang santai, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam ( MBSA ) telah menganjurkan aktiviti berbasikal pada setiap hujung minggu.

Antara aktiviti yang diadakan ialah berbasikal . Aktiviti berbasikal ini diadakan di sekitar Laman Budaya yang terletak di Shah Alam pada setiap hari ahad. Peserta yang menyertai
aktiviti berbasikal ini terdapat dalam pelbagai peringkat umur tidak kira tua dan muda. Menurut Zahim, 34 , salah seorang peserta yang menyertai aktiviti berbasikal ini , mengakui dapat mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama sendiri dan mengenali penduduk-penduduk di sekitar Shah Alam ini. Aktiviti berbasikal ini juga dapat melancarkan peredaran darah dan juga menenangkan minda setelah penat seminggu bekerja.


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