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Strong economic growth for Selangor

By: Zahra Jasmin

KLANG – Recent economic progress in Selangor has been conducive towards investors who wish to invest and open up their businesses in the state.

The Selangor State Minister, Dato’ Dr. Haji Mohamad Khir bin Toyo said at the Selangor Budget and Business Opportunities Seminar on 19th January, that Selangor has reported a 6.7 percent economic growth in 2008 compared to 6.3 percent in 2007.

The seminar which was held by the Selangor State Government together with The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Coastal Malaysia was to inform the public especially the Chinese community of the Selangor Budget 2008 and the business opportunities in Selangor.

According to Dr. Khir, the state’s GDP per capita in 2008 is RM28, 842 compared to RM26, 570 in 2007.

He also expressed his wish to retain the conducive investment climate by opening new growth areas such as the Klang Valley 2 (WLK 2).

“WLK 2 is a project that spanned from the Sepang district to the Kuala Langat district, covering a distance of 142 acre of land.”

“The project is the staple of the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Research and Development (R&D), aeronautical industry, tourism industry and international-level education including housing areas,” he said.

According to its mission is to become the gateway for business activities locally and internationally while becoming the preferred location for firms and ICT-based international state bodies.

Therefore, the development of WLK 2 is a project that will include industrial projects that incorporates the Selangor Science Park 2 and Canal City.

He added that, the state has also realized the importance of improving the service sector due to high demands in the industrial sector and has put Singapore as a benchmark in order to focus on the oil and gas industry, electrics and electronics, the marine, aerospace and biotechnology industries and services and trade, including tourism.

Mohamad Khir said, as of July 2007, Selangor has received 2.9 million tourists and is now actively promoting Malaysia My Second Home.

This program that makes use of apartments and elite condominiums to attract tourists to extend their stay in the country.

The Selangor State Government also puts a heavy emphasis on the agricultural sector because it recognizes the importance of the sector as a source of food and raw materials as well as a source of income for farmers.

The Selangor government will try to increase agricultural yields such as paddy, coconut and potatoes by tapping into new resources like processing potato skins as cow food.

With the federal state policy in the Ninth Malaysian Plan, the state government has increased their effort in developing the agricultural sector as the third economic generator, beside the manufacturing and services sectors.

New agricultural concepts have been introduced that comprises of big scale commercial agricultural projects, the usage of modern technology while fully utilizing the biotechnology potential.

RM 2 million needed for second Rumah Aman Orphanage Home

By : Tengku Elena

SHAH ALAM – Rumah Aman Orphanage Home 2 which is set to be build early March in Saujana Damai, Sungai Buloh will provide shelter and care for 60 orphan girls.

The first Rumah Aman situated here, currently capacitate 30 orphan boys at the age of 4 to 8.

Founder of the Rumah Aman Orphanage Home, Encik Abdul Rehman Dakri said to almost 500 guests at a Hi Tea ceremony with the orphans in Kelab Shah Alam on Sunday that the construction will cost RM2 million.

The cost of the construction will be collected by charity from 2000 donors with each donor contributing RM1000.

“I am not asking for people to give RM25,000 in one go. I am only asking for RM1000 each from 2000 people,” said the founder. “Once the construction becomes a success, we are thinking of building more homes for other orphans throughout the 13 states in Malaysia,” he added.

The Hi Tea which is to commemorate the tenth day of the Muslim New Year where all Muslims are to give affection to the orphans, were celebrated with performance by the Rumah Aman orphans and talk by Yang Bahagia Ustaz Dzulkarnain Hamzah and Yang Bahagia Ustaz Haslin Baharim.

For those who are interested in donating they can do so by calling:

Rumah Aman – 03-5519 0107.

Extra fees charged by cabbies, defying law

By : Shahila Ahmad

Shah Alam – The government’s wish for all taxi drivers to charge fair and square for the passengers are totally being ignored.

Taxi rate which supposed to be according to the meter of the distance is not being practiced by the taxi drivers. Furthermore, the activity of extra charging is growing rapidly lately.

According to a passenger, he has been duped by taxi drivers who extra charged him. He added that the taxi also did not use meter while was in operation.

Furthermore, he was also being charged RM 7.00 for the journey from Section 2 to Section 17 alone. The charge would also be a whooping RM 10 for a journey in the morning.

Citing the increase in price of petrol

and toll rates, the taxi drivers also once complained to him that their income is not sufficient enough.

Vice president of Shah Alam Taxi Driver’s Association, Hj Mohd Zain, admitted that the taxi rate should not exceed RM 6.00 per journey.

Only during 5.a.m till 7 a.m. that extra charge would be imposed to passenger. This charge is also for a taxi, not a charge per person.

However, he claimed that there is no complaint made against the taxi association or taxi driver regarding the expensive fee and drivers who do not use the meter..

Public are welcomed to contact Hj. Mohd Zain at 03-55107449 or 03-55420701 for suggestions or comments regarding the taxi service.


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