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Pelajar UNISEL maut nahas

By : Alfian Zohri Tahir

KLANG – “Nor Farween anak tunggal kami adalah satu-satunya harapan keluarga” luah Norfiza Mohd Saman, 42, di sini, semalam.

Norfiza ditemui di bilik mayat Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) di sini, ketika menuntut jenazah anaknya, Nor Farween Roseli, 19, yang maut dalam kemalangan jalan raya di Bulatan Bistari, Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, petang kelmarin.

“Saya sangat rapat dengannya dan dia akan menghubungi saya setiap hari bagi memaklumkan pelbagai perkara daripada pelajaran hinggalah kegiatan lain dilakukannya bersama rakan,” kata Norfiza.

Nor Farween yang duduk di bahagian penumpang belakang kereta dinaikinya, maut di tempat kejadian akibat kecederaan parah pada tubuhnya selepas Perodua Kancil dipandu rakannya terbabas dipercayai hilang kawalan akibat laju.

“Arwah tidak menunjukkan perubahan sikap dan sebelum kejadian, dia sempat menghubungi saya bertanyakan khabar serta pelbagai perkara lain.”

“Sebelum ini, jika ada masa, arwah Nor Farween akan pulang ke rumah kami di Puchong.” katanya lagi.

“Walaupun sedih dengan kejadian yang menimpa, kami berdoa semoga rohnya aman dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh,” katanya yang turut memaklumkan jenazah Nor Farween dikebumikan di kampungnya di Selama, Perak.

Seorang rakan mangsa, Faizah Samadi, 18, berkata Nor Farween mengambil Diploma Bio Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan di Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) dalam semester tiga.

“Sebelum kejadian, arwah ada maklumkan kepada seorang rakan kami untuk menggantikan tempatnya dengan menyewa di rumah sewa kami di Danau Emas, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam kerana dia mahu keluar segera.

“Kami tidak sangka ia tanda arwah akan ‘keluar’ selama-lamanya dari sana.”

Kini hanya sembilan orang sahaja di rumah itu dan pemergiannya benar-benar memberikan kesan mendalam pada kami semua,” katanya.

Katanya, ketika kejadian, Nor Farween bersama tiga lagi rakan mereka dikatakan dalam perjalanan untuk makan malam di Seksyen 2 Shah Alam.

Sementara itu, Ketua Trafik Daerah Shah Alam, Deputi Superintendan Roslan Aziz, yang mengesahkan kejadian berkata, kemalangan berlaku kira-kira jam 7.30 malam.

“Perodua Kancil dipandu rakan mangsa dipercayai laju sebelum hilang kawalan dan terbabas ke Bulatan Bestari.

“Mangsa dipercayai meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian manakala tiga rakannya cedera parah. Pemandu kenderaan tersebut patah tangan,” katanya.

Jenazah dihantar ke HTAR untuk dibedah siasat manakala tiga yang lain dihantar ke Pusat Perubatan Shah Alam.

Mum saddened by inability to post bail

By : Suhadah Abu

SHAH ALAM – A woman left Shah Alam Session Court in despair after she was unable to post bail for her 22-year-old son, who was charged with causing hurt to 24-year-old man using a parang.

The accused K.Sasnanan a contract worker, had claimed trial to injuring M.Thiravasu on his left ear and thumb at Block A, Selayang Flats in Batu Caves on 20 Jan at 7.30am.

A fight between Sasnanan and Thiruvasu had resulted in the latter’s left ear and left thumb being chopped off.

Thiruvasu, a supermarket

assistant, was said to be admitted to

Selayang Hospital.

Prosecuting officer ASP Azhar Abu Bakar had applied for a bail RM 20,000 to be set by the court, saying that the offence committed was serious in nature.

A plea by Sasnanan mother stating that she was short of money was taken into consideration.

Despite Azimah reducing the bail to RM 10,000, Sasnanan’s mother could not fork out the money.

The case is set for mention on 12 Feb for Sasnanan to appoint a lawyer.

If convicted, Sasnanan faces a maximum jail term of 20 years and is also liable to a fine and whipping.

Tips to Prevent Robbery and Snatch Theft

By : Suhadah Abu

A robbery may develop violently. It happens most often if the robber does not get what he wants or if the robber isfrightened or feels provoked.

Even though the risk is very small, you also risk becoming the

victim of street robbery. Should it

happen, you must prevent the situation from escalating into violence. Hand over to the street robber what he wants and leave it always to the police to catch him or her afterwards.

Also snatch thefts may develop into assault. Never hang on to your bag if somebody is trying to snatch it from you. You run the risk of being knocked over. Let go of the bag, cry out for help and call the police.

See to it that you never carry large sums of money or valuables on you. Keep your purse or wallet and other valuables in an inside pocket, not in your bag or back pocket. In this way you make sure that the robber only gets away with a modest amount.

If you have an ATM bank card, remember the telephone number of the bank’s “card block” service. Call the bank immediately, and get your card blocked if the street robber got away with it.

Below some good advice to avoid snacth theft;

• Avoid displaying that you are carrying valuables.

• Pay attention to what the robber looks like. How tall is he? Hair colour? What kind of clothes? Did the robber have any particular characteristics? A good

description is the basis of the police’s work.

• Bear in mind that a street robber has no interest in the situation turning into violence. It is only if you try to prevent the robbery or somehow frighten the robber that you risk becoming the victim of violence.

• If there are people around you, make them understand your situation.

• Do not pursue the robber.

• Call the police as soon as the robber has disappeared.

Threat to kill

By : Hazirah Md Sai’aan

SHAH ALAM – A 60 years old man, who was caught with extra-marital

affair threatened to kill his ex-wife and children on 7 July last year.

He was outraged when his

second daughter refused to let him into the house to get his clothes.

He told the magistrate’s court that he “only wanted to create a scene” which included throwing a flower pot at the gate, but his temper tantrum went overboard when he threatened to kill his ex-wife and children.

The unemployed were

sentenced to six months’ jail after

pleading guilty to criminal


Criminal students

By : Hazirah Md Sai’aan

The number of school student involved in crime in Malaysia rose last year.

Most youths were arrested last year for their involvement in cases of motorcycle theft in the country.

Police arrested higher learning institute students for drug offences.

The situation had not reached a worrying state.

Underwear Theft

By : Hazirah Md Sai’aan

SHAH ALAM – Ismail a 40 year old

former security guard was jailed five month for stealing a box of underwear.

He sentenced by magistrate Hafizah Abdul Rajak after pleading guilty to stealing Camel Active underwear worth RM 19.90 at The Store in Plaza Alam Sentral on 19 August.

Hafizah ordered him to serve his sentence from the date of his arrest.

Kembalikan Sharlinie

By : Zetty Halil

Tanggal 23 Januari 2007, genap 5 tahun usia adik Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar. Sharlinie atau dikenali sebagai Linie, merupakan mangsa kedua yang hilang selepas kes Nurin Jazlin.

Beliau didapati hilang ketika sedang bermain bersama kakaknya pada jarak 200 meter dari kediamannya sejak 21 hari yang lalu.

Pelbagai usaha telah dibuat bagi menjejaki suspek yang identitinya masih kabur.

Tiada kata yang dapat diungkap oleh Mohd. Nashar Mat Hussin dan Suraya Ahmad apabila ulang tahun kelahiran Linie kali ini tidak dapat diraikan dengan meriah seperti lazimnya.

Harapan mereka agar anak mereka kembali ke pangkuan mereka dengan selamat.

Sebarang maklumat mengenai adik Linie sila hubungi :

Encik Nashar Mat Hussin – 016 2709 0960 / 016 258 3450 atau memnghubungi balai polis yang berhampiran.

Snatch theft on the rise

By : Hazirah Md. Sai’aan

SHAH ALAM – Snatch theft cases are increasing in numbers nowadays.

It is hard to neither predict nor prevent these cases from occuring since the attacker and the victims could vary from one person to another.

In this first half year period of 2007, statistic shows that in average, 2,633 cases were being reported in a day.

This data was obtained from 4,766 cases which were reported in the same period of time.

Selangor recorded the highest number of crime rate last year with more than 40 thousand followed by Johor with almost 22 thousand cases and Kuala Lumpur with 20 thousand cases.

This figure is based on the case reported to the police and the actual figure would be higher due to the unreported cases by the victims.

Society is urged to play their parts in helping to prevent the snatch cases from happening. To blame and to shoulder this responsibility to the police department alone will not help curd this problem.

Women especially, who are the main target of the snatch thieves, is advised to practice precautionary and safety measures such as avoiding walking alone in the dark or remote places. It is highly advisable for women to not carry a huge amount of cash in their handbags, and to walk in groups.

This simple safety measures would at least hinder them from being attacked.

Public should be aware on the importance for them to act, such as calling the police straight away, rather than being watchmen to the scenario. Be willing to offer help rather to wait for the help.

More often than not, people have heard on snatch theft cases resulting in to murder. The victim usually in their act defense were murdered by the heartless criminal whom in the first place intended to only snatch the victim.

The crime is usually committed by the unemployed and also the drug abusers. They find it is an easy and quick way to get money by snatching the innocent. There are cases which the criminals are ordinary people who are addicted this crime to satisfy their own excessive wants and demands.

Those found guilty in this crime can be sentenced up to 14 years jail term and whip. Police have taken few steps to ensure the safety of public. All police stations are available for victims to report on their cases and increase the number of police to patrol the area.

However, it is vital for society to give helping hands and to play their parts in ensuring the society we are in a safe and free from snatch theft cases.

Kesedaran terhadap bahaya kebakaran di Shah Alam masih rendah

Kes tertinggi yang pernah dicatatkan tahun lepas adalah sebanyak 31 kes

By : Zetty Halil

SHAH ALAM – Kesedaran mengenai bahaya kebakaran bagi masyarakat di Shah Alam masih berada pada tahap yang sederhana.

Statistik yang direkodkan oleh Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat kawasan Shah Alam bilangan kes yang dilaporkan pada tahun lepas adalah sebanyak 242 kes.

Kes yang dilaporkan melibatkan kes kebakaran rumah, kenderaan, belukar, peralatan dan lain-lain.

Antara penyumbang utama kepada berlakunya kebakaran ialah faktor semulajadi seperti bencana, faktor kemalangan, seperti kecuaian, dan kelalaian manusia serta faktor khianat.

“Masyarakat kita terlalu bergantung pada pihak bomba apabila berlakunya kebakaran. mereka tidak mempunyai persediaan yang rapi bagi menghadapi situasi sebelum, semasa, dan sewaktu berlakunya kebakaran. Ini terbukti apabila kes tertinggi yang dicatatkan pada tahun lepas adalah sebanyak 31 kes,” kata Pembantu Pegawai Latihan Ahli Bomba Kana, Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat, Seksyen 15, A.Ramzi Abdullah.

“Mereka (masyarakat) amat peka tetapi mereka tidak cukup pengetahuan untuk mengawal kebakaran daripada merebak.”

“Kesedaran tentang inilah yang perlu dipupuk agar kita dapat menyelamatkan nyawa orang lain,” tambah beliau lagi.

Justeru itu, piahk bomba telah mengadakan kempen, bengkel dan ceramah di sekitar Shah Alam bagi mewujudkan kesedaran kepada masyarakat tentang cara menghadapi situasi kecemasan apabila berlakunya kebakaran.

Kempen giat dilakukan di beberapa buah tempat termasuk di sekolah, kawasan perumahan, dan di kawasan industri.


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